Walking Through A Songline
Immersive Light Installation
Commissioned by National Museum of Australia.
September 2017 - February 2018
Songlines tells the journey of the Seven Sisters fleeing along ancestral routes across deserts,
 pursued relentlessly by a sorcerer. The story have been told many times, in many ways, by many people.
And now, it is our turn to tell the story in our very own way, through an immersive light installation as part
of a long running exhibition.

Our installation is the very first thing visitors experience before they enter the Songlines exhibition. It was important for our installation to set the tone, feel and sensations that came  from the stories of the Seven Sisters. Our installation is a moving animated architectural piece, giving visitors the feeling of walking through the songlines themselves.
We invite visitors to enter a space, pause to fully immerse, as if they were one of the sisters themselves, taking a journey across different parts of Australia. We were inspired by nature and landscapes such as geography, maps, weather, australian animals, stars and constellations.
 “Walking Through A Songline” gives the feeling of lightness, allowing visitors to imagine they are floating in infinite space, in a different dimension through moving art, sound and reflective physical spaces.
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