We were commissioned by our friends at Lighting Design Collective (LDC) to develop content for the Finnish introduction of the Samsung A5 and A3 models, displayed at their flagship store in Oulu, Finland. LDC Designed a store intervention were the new models would be floating on top of videomapped projections, we had the whole front window to develop experimental brand content. This is the result.

Direction and Creative Direction  Wyz Borrero @ Klang
Art Direction and Design Valeria Prada @ Klang
Technical Direction Gorka Cortázar @ Lighting Design Collective
3D Animation Louis Charles Inkclear and Wyz Borrero
Event production and Mapping LDC Finland (Jari Vuorinen and Gorka Cortázar)
Agency Cheil Nordic

I do not own the rights of the music on this piece, it is used on this edit only for personal promotion and was never used in the live event. If you like it, it is a track called "I Wanna Be Your Lover" by Prince, please pay your respects by buying it!
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