Laser Maze & Forest
Interactive laser based installation
commissioned by Scienceworks Melbourne.
2017, Melbourne, Australia
We were very excited to work with the team at Scienceworks Melbourne, to create something that would get the kids excited and come visit Scienceworks during the winter school holidays! Our vision for this project was to create a laser installation that was artistic, beautiful and physically challenging for kids and kids at heart!
We hauled in three giant containers to the historic boiler room, changing the landscape of the room, to create a unique setting for our laser based installations, the Laser Mazeand Laser Forest.
Designed and produced by Mosster, the Laser Mazemade out of green laser lights was a demanding physical maze game that kids have to traverse through, without touching the lasers. Whilst they go through the maze, they are also learning about laser physics and strategic thinking at the same time.
For the younger pre-schoolers, we created a beautiful installation filled with our very own laser forest. Here, they caught laser beams in mid-air, walked through lasers and wandered around in tranquility and magic of our laser made forest.
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