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Artist: Cardopusher / Nehuen - Split 01 [CWS001] (2012) 
Format: Digital 
Release Date: 23/07/2012
1.Cardopusher - Wave Function 
2. Nehuen - Bad Automation 
3. Cardopusher - Hotbox 
4. Nehuen - I Can Only Be Myself 
5. Nehuen - I Can Only Be Myself (Nick Hook Remix) 
6. Cardopusher - Hotbox (DVA Remix)
Distributed by Cargo UK.
Early support by: Mumdance, Lando Kal, Untold, Ikonika, Dj Orgasmic (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team), Pacheko, Ghosts On Tape, Murderbot, Surtek Collective, Policy, Douster, Nic Sarno and many more. 

Classicworks presents it’s very first, high-octane release, ‘Split 01’, showcasing 4 new tracks from the label’s own founders - producers Cardopusher and Nehuen from Barcelona. Independently celebrated producers in their own right, the duo combine with more force than Voltron to present 4 unique tracks which lay the blueprint for their own twisted vision of retro-futuristic club music.
Taking cues from acid techno, house and original electro, the four tracks and two remixes present in this disc push those genres to their absolute limits, armed with muscular production and irresistable bounce.
Cardopusher’s ‘Wave Function’ and ‘Hotbox’ respectively showcase the producer’s notoriously precise attention to detail with solid steel electro beatwork, underlayed by punishing acid synths and old school stabs. ‘Bad Automation’ and “I Can Only Be Myself’ see Nehuen tweaking his 303s to breaking point, with the emphasis on ten tonne kick drums, twisted vocal samples and pure, euphoric rave energy.
Accompanied by two very twisted remixes by Cubic Zirconia’s Nick Hook and Hyperdub’s Scratcha DVA respectively, this explosive debut will be available digitally on July 23rd 2012.
Released by: Classicworks 
Release/catalogue number: CWS001 
Release date: Jul 23, 2012
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