BBC Ideas: How Your Life Still Revolves Around the Sun

We rarely think about the Sun. Unlike our sun-worshipping ancestors, we don’t live by its whims in the same way we did before climate control was a thing. But when we heard BBC Ideas–a new short-format video initiative at BBC–had an open call for story pitches, we found ourselves figuratively orbiting around the sun. What if the sun affects us
more than we think?

**scroll to the end to watch the full animation**
The BBC Ideas team thought it was an idea worth exploring. Working closely with BBC Ideas team, we developed a story and collaborated on shaping the look, feel,
voice and tone of the piece.

Coincidentally, producing the short has us all thinking about the sun a lot. The team spanned three continents: Austin, Melbourne, Barcelona, and London. By delivery day we may
or may not have looked like this:

A great deal of research and collaboration went into the making of this video. The sun’s effects on our daily lives is pretty extensive. Turns out that we weren’t the only ones obsessing about the sun. The Science Museum in London was due to open an exhibition called “The Sun: Living with Our Star.” The BBC sprang into action and connected with curator Dr. Harry Cliff, who voiced the piece. 

Finally Francisco Mejía scored the piece and, with Susana Hernández created the music that brought narration
and graphics together.

The video was posted on the BBC Ideas portal immediately after we sent final files. Right on time for the Science Museum to open the doors to sunshine seekers
and curious minds
Thanks for watching! 

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Agency: In-House International
Client: BBC
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