36 Days of Type 2017
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In 2016, the In-House International family took on 36 Days of Type [ 36 letterforms over 36 days, no breaks, instagram, tag repeat ]. We like challenges and loved collaborating on that set, which you can see HERE. So in 2017 we decided to do it again and invited a few special collaborators from around the world. We kept the palette real basic, and gray was originally off limits. But rules were made to be broken, amirite? 

Check out the full set with all the bells and whistles HERE
A by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ]
B by Michu Benaim Steiner [ @michubenaim ]
C by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ]
D by Michael Wong [ @burnerwong ]
E (and our first animation of the bunch) by Verónica Cassiani [ @verocassiani ]
F time by Alejandro Freitez [ @a_freitez ]
G-with-the-tongue-out by Los Voladores Negros [ @lvnprojects ]
H is a happy place filled with herbs by Michael Wong [ @burnerwong ]
I by Neiza Hernandez [ @pequeñaserifa ]
J by Javiera Casanova M. [ @javieracm ] -- gif version also up on our instagram page
K is kinetic dreaming by Luis Carlos Redondo [ @inkclear ] -- there's also a quick-pulsing gif version here
L is a long-lost memory, a languid afternoon by Carlos Castro Lugo [ @carcalugo ]
M keeps-ya-movin' by Los Voladores Negros [ @lvnprojects ]
N expanding by Rodrimar Z [ @zro30 ]
O by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ]
P is all about pixel-dragging precision by Rodrimar Z [ @zro30 ]
Q the pancakes and syrupy lines by Oscar Bastidas [ mor8_branding ]
R is just comin' up Roses by Los Voladores Negros [ @lvnprojects ]
T in transition by Rodrimar Z [ @zro30 ]
U is upside down (can turn a smile to a frown) by Michael Wong [ @burnerwong ]
V in-stop-motion (IRL and paint FTW) by Verónica Cassiani [ @verocassiani ]
W is full of wins in grayscale by Carlos Castro Lugo [ @carcalugo ]
X is a woven  dream by José Manuel Vargas [ @cuadernonegro ]
Y takes a drip into confluence by Luis Carlos Redondo [ @inkclear ]
Z is wild screechin' out by Hell Partners [ @hellpartners ]
0 is nothing, the beginning if everything t by Hell Partners [ @hellpartners ]
1 by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ]
2 by Carlos Castro Lugo [ @carcalugo ]
3 by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ]
4 by Verónica Cassiani [ @verocassiani ]
5 by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ]
6 is a-OK by Luis Carlos Redondo [ @inkclear ]
7 by Alejandro Freitez [ @a_freitez ]
8 by Los Voladores Negros [ @lvnprojects ]
...and finally, 9 by Alexander Wright [ @modo_visual ] as the nine-lives cat. 
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