36 Days of Type // Collaboration at In-House International

2016 was an exciting year at In-House, in no small part because a few amazing talents joined and/or collaborated with the team. So we decided to tackle the 36 Days of Type challenge as a group, so that In-House veterans and new family members could work together in an informal project via our Instagram.
A by Alexander Wright
B by Verónica Cassiani
C by Igor Bastidas
D by Alejandro Freitez
E by Luis Carlos Redondo
F by Alexander Wright
G by Verónica Cassiani
H by Igor Bastidas
I by Alejandro Freitez
J by Luis Carlos Redondo
K by Alexander Wright
L by Verónica Cassiani
M by Igor Bastidas
N by Alejandro Freitez
O by Luis Carlos Redondo
P by Alexander Wright
P by Alexander Wright
Q by Veronica Cassiani
R by Igor Bastidas
S by Alejandro Freitez
T by Luis Carlos Redondo
U by Alexander Wright
V by Verónica Cassiani
W by Igor Bastidas
X by Alejandro Freitez
Y by Luis Carlos Redondo
Z by Alexander Wright
0 by Verónica Cassiani
1 by Igor Bastidas
2 by Alejandro Freitez
3 by Luis Carlos Redondo
4 by Oscar Bastidas
5 by Oscar Bastidas
6 by Oscar Bastidas
7 by Oscar Bastidas
8 by Oscar Bastidas
9 by Oscar Bastidas
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